Resolving an Electronic Dilemma

‘Wearable’ electronics such as smart-watches are fast picking up in popularity. Apart from making a fashion statement, wearable […]

Attack of the Sensors

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) finds application in a variety of fields, including agriculture, healthcare, and renewable energy. These […]

Rethinking Health

A nation’s wealth depends on its people’s health. Therefore, it is no surprise that the healthcare of a […]

Traffic Un-jammed!

If only there were a magic solution to the frustrating delays at traffic signals in India…guess what? The […]

A New Class of Battery

It is heartening to see the replacement of fossil fuel-based energy systems by renewable alternatives like solar and […]

Vast, Endless Ocean-Power

It is true that, with depleting non-renewable sources of energy, there is an urgency to find alternative energy […]

The Inflation of the Big Bang

The beginning of the universe is shrouded in mystery. Although the Big Bang Theory is the universally accepted […]

Accurate, Faster, and Smart Algorithm

In the manufacturing industry, free-form surfaces and profiles have a wide range of applications in modelling versatile components […]

A Blooming Technology

Nature inspired designs led to significant breakthroughs in science and technology. For example, consider the case of bumpy […]