Cool Data

Graphics sure has evolved over the last two decades. From 8-bit resolution, pixels, and bitmaps, we now have […]

The Problem with Cracks

The past few decades have seen outstanding advances in the use of composite materials in structural applications. When […]

The Business of Frugal Engineering

Mitigating climate change and related crises requires strict constraints on our resource-consumption and emissions.  Frugal engineering is an […]

When the Earth Shakes

You may think that earthquakes seldom occur in India. But remember the Bhuj earthquake in Gujarat in 2001, […]

Sensor Solution

You know, with so many vehicles on the roads, every hour, of every day, is it any surprise […]

A Fantastic Dish!

You know what’s weird? We keep talking about the scarcity of energy resources when we have the sun, […]

Surgical Precision

Any surgery in itself requires careful mastery. When it comes to surgery of the brain, even more caution […]

The Perfect Single-Cell Delivery

The delivery of biomolecules into the basic unit of life, the cell, certainly isn’t like a typical pizza […]