How’s Your Smartwatch?

So how was your workout today? How many steps did you walk today? How’s your heart rate? All […]

An Agent of Chaos

Remember the film ‘The Dark Knight’ in 2008 where the Joker tells Harvey Dent that he’s an agent […]

A Golden Delivery

Gold is one of the most precious elements to exist as of today. So what if I told […]

To Predict a Storm

Since the past decade or so, the climate everywhere has been see-sawing like nothing anybody has seen before. […]

Miniature Feature

Small is big. Big is small. Then again, small is better. It’s amazing how the more and more […]

Bor(o)n for Lithium

The invention and commercialization of lithium-ion batteries is considered to be one of the most important things to […]

Your Identity, Your Privacy

In the era of big data, the paramount concern is no longer the scarcity of information but the […]