Primordial Black Holes

The beginning of the universe is shrouded in mystery. The most common theory as to how the observable […]

Magic Bacteria

Industrial enzymes such as alpha-amylase and cellulase are in high demand in various industries that deal with textiles, […]

A Better Engine

Diesel engines are preferred over gasoline engines due to their high thermal efficiency and better fuel economy benefits. […]

The Ideal Test

Testing for infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV, dengue, etc., and non-communicable diseases such as heart problems and […]

Bio-inspired Structures

Lightweight materials are in high demand in a variety of industries from automotive to aerospace. To gain inspiration […]

Accurate Delivery

Highly efficient intracellular delivery strategies are essential for developing therapeutic, diagnostic, biological, and biomedical applications. These strategies can […]

Active and Passive

Active systems are commonly found in Nature, such as in bacterial colonies and in flocks of birds. Usually […]

DRS That’s Not Cricket!

Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (DRS) is a useful tool to study tissues of the body. It is also biologically […]

A Clearer Image

Ultrasound imaging techniques are widely used in clinical applications. The main component of an ultrasound machine is a […]

The Turning Curve

Designing roads for heavy vehicles may seem like a straightforward task. But there is more at stake, especially […]

Grasping the Concept

Grasping an object is one of the most common everyday activities we do with our hands. Object stabilization […]

Roll With It

Leukocytes, which are cells of the body’s immune system, have a tendency to roll on the endothelial cells […]

A Touching Display

Displays are an integral part of modern electronic devices and represent an important form of machine-user interaction. There […]

Brand New Artificial Feet

How much would you give for your feet? How much would you give for your legs, or any […]

Grid Power

Power distribution systems receive bulk electrical power from transmission systems and supply them to consumers. Over the last […]

The Right Price

Economic profit maximization is one of the main objectives of any industry or firm.  But with global climate […]

Semiconductor Power

Environmental issues have gotten to a point where clean energy technologies can no longer be ignored. The production […]

Go With the Flow

Understanding the flow at the point of contact of a liquid and a solid interface has many practical […]

Waves of Water and Math

The scattering of water waves at an angle on vertical porous barriers is of interest in the fields […]

A Cognitive Model Well Thought Out

Understanding dynamic brain circuit mechanisms associated with human cognition is gaining lot of attention now a days. Cognition […]

Empowering Women

Gandhiji has said that when a woman is educated, the entire family is educated. Similarly, when a woman […]

Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen is a valuable fuel. However, due to its volatile nature, the storage of hydrogen is of vital […]

Speak Up!

There are many languages in the world, some of which are not well known. Thus the use of […]

It’s Just a Phase

In physics, there are two common approaches to model discontinuous surfaces, especially fractures. These methods include the smeared/diffused […]

Deep Learning Method to Detect Cancer

One of the best diagnosis tools available today for detecting cancer is histopathology. Histopathology essentially involves examining under […]

Medicines for All

Medicine, medicine, who’s got the medicine? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 68 percent of the world’s […]

The Quantum Way

Studies in quantum physics are gaining in popularity, as there is a rush to introduce the next level […]

A Solid Solution

Emulsions have various uses in fields such as drug delivery, catalysis, and in the development of porous materials. […]

Soft Metal

Large strain extrusion machining (LSEM) is a constrained machining process to overcome the lack of geometric control in […]

So, How’s the Weather?

Predicting the weather is a big task, especially in a country like India with a sub-tropical climate condition. […]

Safety First

Working in process industries is a risky job. Operators have to be alert at all times so that […]

A Game of Hide-and-Seek

The stock market is a place that attracts the attention of a lot of people. Everyone wants to […]

The Heart of the Matter

Heart disease is a rising concern in the contemporary times. Unhealthy food habits, which have become the norm, […]

Give Me a Brake!

In India, heavy commercial road vehicles (includes buses, trucks etc.) contributed 28.8% of total road accidents and 32.6% […]

Hydrogen per Oxygen

Hydrogen peroxide is an important signaling molecule in the human body. It is a stable molecule which diffuses […]

IITs and Cold War Politics

IITs in India are synonymous with the excellence in teaching and research in science and technology. This premier […]

Light in the Dark

Selfies are a quite a ‘thing’ now-a-days. Often times your selfie put as your profile picture becomes the […]

The Way to Perfection

Lasers are used in manufacturing industries as a tool to produce complex intricate shapes in materials. Some of […]

Super Cool

Super cooling of liquids is a phenomenon that has fascinated scientists for years. But what exactly is supercooling? […]

The Smallest Way

The cell is the building block of our living systems. Being the basis of all living systems, the […]

More Efficient Robots

Teleoperated robots are those robots that are controlled at a far distance from the user. There is usually […]

Don’t hold your breath!

Holding breath in a crowded location can increase risk of COVID-19 infection! No matter how strange this statement […]

A More Effective Battle Plan

National defence is fundamental to the security of any country. To keep its citizens safe and run a […]

Quantum codes for a Quantum leap

From performing difficult calculations to online shopping, computers have undoubtedly revolutionized each aspect of our lives with its […]