Mechanical Advantage

Safe grasping of an object using fingers is an essential task while handling the object. Maintaining the grasped […]

Soft Condensation

The condensation of droplets of a liquid on a surface is a very important phenomenon. Condensation into spherical […]

Nature’s Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen storage is very important as it can serve as a clean energy source for power generation and […]

Einstein’s Active Suspension

The study of active matters such as bacterial suspensions, microtubule networks, artificial swimmers, and active liquid crystals has […]

Emission and Detection

Quantum technologies are generating a lot of buzz recently. Quantum emitters and detectors have a wide range of […]

Electric and Plastic

Electric-assisted deforming of materials, both metallic and non-metallic are gaining a lot of attention these days. This phenomenon […]

The U-bent fiber optic wonder Sensor

Fiber optic refractometers are a valuable analytical tool for chemical analysis, food and pharmaceutical testing, biological sensing, and […]